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5 03 2010

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26 01 2010
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Never too late to update!

26 01 2010

Adobe’s CS-3 programs are soon to be on thier way out to make way for newer releases like CS-4 and soon to be released CS-5. So what is a CS-3 and CS-4 owner to do? Get updates and betas, it’s as simple as that! If your a geek and want to geek out then sign up for an Adobe account and start downloading.

Adobe Labs Homepage

Adobe Lightroom 3 beta

Adobe Flash Builder

All of Adobe’s Updates and Betas

Week 1- Tutorials and Help Links

23 01 2010

Listed below are several useful tutorials, help, and support. All of these wonderful sites are free with the exception of Lynda, it is costly but well worth the services they provide. The web has plenty of free resources when it comes to Adobe software so take advantage.

12 01 2010

10 Photoshop Beginner’s Tips

17 12 2009

1.  memorize the main shortcuts like ctrl+x, ctrl+z, ctrl+v, ctrl+d, and ctrl+a.

2.  change the cursor with CAPS LOCK.

3.  use [ ] to control the size of your brush or eraser.

4.  if in doubt, create a new layer. This is important, creating a new layer will never harm your document and it will assure you a back-up.

5.  use resources like tutorials, cheat sheets, and downloads. 

6. never infringe Trademarks and Copyright laws. Get to know the laws so you don’t break them. Infringement lawsuits not only affect you, but they also affect the client as well.

7.  save your own workspace.  Saving your own workspace layout allows you to take your personalized layout to other computers.

8.  save your preferences. Like a workspace, preferences can also be transfered to other computers.

9.  if your a photographer do not follow the guideline “fix it in photoshop”. No shortcuts should ever be taken if you want to achieve the full potential of your work.

10. learn the tool shortcuts. They are easy to learn and save a ton of time when using all programs.

Portfolio Documents

9 12 2009

Cover Letter

Tj Nine Cover Letter

Tj Nine Cover Letter


Tj Nine Resume

Tj Nine Resume